Our Brand Refresh: An Interview with Barry Doyle, Director, KSNPM

Interview with Barry Doyle

KSN Project Management is excited to announce the launch of a brand refresh as part of their 2021 strategic goals and objectives. Barry Doyle, Director of KSN Project Management, discusses some key insights into KSN Project Management’s new look.

KSNPM is a privately held company founded in 1998 by Joe Melvin in collaboration with the Directors of Kerrigan Sheanon Newman. Since then, our team has grown to around 60 people, with 7 board directors and an expanding service offering that includes expertise in the growing environmental and ESG sectors. We offer dedicated project management services and have successfully completed many prestigious projects in the public and private sectors throughout Ireland. We have a wide range of professionals with qualifications in Project Management, Engineering, Architecture, and Quantity Surveying; this diversity of skill sets ensures that our clients receive solution-based management skills, all while maintaining excellent communication skills.

What is new at KSNPM in 2021?

KSNPM is a fast-growing company, and while 2020 and early 2021 were challenging time, we focused on planning for the future and developing operational platforms to ensure we can deliver sustained success for our clients.

These plans are now coming to fruition and as part of this ongoing business development, we are refreshing our brand to refocus and support the ever-changing ways in which we work.

Is your new brand reflective of the KSN image?

At KSNPM we take pride in our straight-forward, no-nonsense, hands-on, and effective approach to project management. We are a forward-thinking company, and we believe our new branding reflects both our core values and our commitment to stay ahead of the competition.

We collaborate closely with our sister companies, KSN Construction Consultants and KSN Energy; collectively we wanted our new branding to demonstrate our synergies whilst also making clear the differences to ensure clarity for our clients and partners.

KSNPM has a new logo and colour, anything else?

Much is new at KSNPM for 2021:

New Management Structure

We recognized the need for a management structure that would best support our continued success as the company grew. We conducted an extensive internal and external recruitment process in 2020 to select new Associate Directors and Associates to supplement our management team. The expansion of the senior management team will help to support our clients’ key priorities as well as the business’s long-term growth.

We have also recently expanded into the United Kingdom, and in May we announced the addition of two new directors to the team to oversee our portfolio there.

New Office and Infrastructure

The first stage of our company’s development plans was to upgrade our offices to accommodate our expanding team. We moved into our new office at the end of 2019 and, while we haven’t spent as much time there as we would have liked, our increased investment in our IT infrastructure and software has allowed for a smooth transition to our staff working from home without disrupting our services.

New Website and Social Media

We will launch our new website in July 2021, alongside KSN Construction Consultants and KSN Energy. We want to ensure that any new or existing clients fully understand our individual and collective service offerings, that they are kept up to date on our progress, and that they can share in our successes.

As part of the re-launch, we intend to increase our social media presence and our digital marketing efforts in order to keep our partners up to date on our progress, share best practices, and help connect our industry.


KSNPM is constantly striving to ensure that our company procedures are best in class, and one recent focus has been the further evolution of our quality control practices. We recently received ISO 9001 certification and expect to receive ISO 14001 certification this summer, ensuring consistent Quality & Environmental compliance across the board and adding value to the service we provide our clients.

We are constantly reviewing our management systems and developing the business in areas such as marketing, information technology, GDPR, safety, quality, office management, and resourcing.

Stategic Asset Management Team

As we all work towards our 2030 and 2050 climate change targets, this team develops sustainability and resilience strategies for our client’s property portfolios. We provide services related to ESG and Net Zero Carbon targets, and our team is constantly developing BREEAM, LEED, and WELL skillsets.

What has the brand refresh process involved? 

We have worked extensively with Little Lambe Consultancy and our colleagues at KSN Construction Consultants and KSN Energy on our new branding and communications plans, meeting regularly over the last six months, to co-ordinate what we believe is unique but consistent branding for our individual companies.

More broadly, as part of our re-organisation at KSNPM, we have shared specific work-streams across our new management team to ensure each receives the appropriate level of focus, with each sub-group meeting on a regular basis to progress their respective elements and reporting back to the larger team on a regular basis.

What is on the horizon for KSNPM in 2021?

It is onwards and upwards for KSNPM in 2021 with lots of good news on the horizon:

  • Our new branding and website will be launched in July 2021.
  • The continued growth of our strategic asset management team.
  • Building a presence in the UK and developing sustainable relationships with new clients
  • ISO 14001 is in progress and we are targeting to be awarded in Q3 2021. Continuing to build on the relationships developed within the industry and successful delivery projects.
  • A return to normality with strategies to support our staff as we get back to the office whilst knowing we have the resilience and flexibility to adapt to change in the workplace is of key importance going forward for KSNPM in 2021.