KSN joins IGBC EPD Commitment Campaign

We are glad to announce that KSN has just signed IGBC’s Environmental Product Declarations commitment. 

KSN Construction Consultants and KSN Energy are now fully committed to the act on climate change and enable Ireland to fully decarbonise the construction sector.

Including the commitment in their policy documents, they will encourage the use of Environmental Product Declarations by:

  • raising awareness amongst their staff on the importance of EPDs
  • including clauses in their documentation to contractors that where possible they should use products which have 3rd party verified Environmental Product Declarations
  • documenting that where all being equal in price and performance, products with an Environmental Product Declaration should be used.

KSN is joining a great group of commitment signatories: Haines, IPUT, Transport Infrastructure Ireland, Dublin City Council, Meehan Green, Wain Morehead, Architects, COADY Architects, Hammersons, BDP, SISK and RKD.