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It is no surprise that climate change is the most important global issue that will continue to exist as an existential threat to our way of life. To limit temperature rise to 1.5° C above pre-industrial levels, we must reduce the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) we emit into the atmosphere. Ireland has committed to reducing GHG emissions by 51% by 2030 and reaching net-zero by 2050.


Given that the built environment accounts for approximately 40% of global carbon emissions, the real estate industry can help us meet our national emission reduction targets. According to the recently released Climate Action Plan 2021, Ireland’s built environment sector must reduce emissions by 4 – 5 Mt CO2 eq. by 2030.


Investors’ demands for sustainability; environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria are among the most pressing issues confronting global financial markets. These requirements have an impact on investment decisions in the real estate sector because they affect prospects for value appreciation, vulnerability to obsolescence, and the risk of premature devaluation.


To address these sustainability and ESG challenges, Irish-owned award-winning KSN Construction Consultants, KSN Project Management, and KSN Energy has launched ‘KSN Horizon’, who will provide the practical implementation of strategic, long-term sustainable solutions to the real estate sector in Ireland and Europe.


“KSN Horizon is a truly unique development for the real estate sector in Ireland and beyond,” says Barry Chambers, the newly appointed Property Director at KSN Horizon. “To achieve net zero for the built environment, we have a fantastic team of sustainability consultants who are supported by an experienced group of property and construction professionals, project managers and energy assessors. Over the course of the coming year, we are planning to double the size of the team from 20 people currently”


Commenting on the new development, Brian Cunningham, Director of KSN adds, “KSN Horizon is uniquely positioned to provide a full end-to-end service – from initial data measurement and verification, implementation of carbon mitigation strategies, asset improvement plans, to subsequent monitoring. KSN Horizon enables us to deliver a unique service offering to our clients to comply with current and imminent regulations and to optimise market opportunities.


We have invested heavily in resources to address current and future sustainable challenges, including training and certification, achieving ISO 9001, 14001, 27001, and 50001 accreditations, attaining BREEAM Assessor status, and becoming a member of the Irish Green Building Council, cementing our position as Ireland’s gold standard dedicated sustainability consultancy”.


KSN Horizon was launched with the appointment of Barry Chambers as Property Director and Brian Cunningham as Director. KSN Horizon’s mission is to assist organisations in the real estate sector in transitioning to a sustainable net-zero, resilient future.

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