Esri Ireland transforms delivery of sustainable projects for KSN Energy

L-R Keith Montague, Customer Success Manager, Esri Ireland, with Ian Donnelly, Quality Assurance Auditor, KSN Energy, and Michael Slevin, Director, KSN Energy

Esri Ireland, the market leader in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software, is today announcing that its digital mapping software has revolutionised project delivery for KSN Energy, experts in sustainability in the built environment. The solution has reduced costs and provided significant time savings for the company.

Headquartered in Dublin, KSN Energy surveys newly installed energy retrofit works to properties which include improved insulation, renewable energy technologies, heat pumps, solar panels, and other grant-funded energy-saving measures to ensure they have been implemented in compliance with industry guidelines and regulations. Since 2012, KSN Energy has been working on government-backed sustainable energy initiatives such as the Better Energy Scheme alongside the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

KSN Energy needed to convert highly complex paper-based surveys into mobile, digital operations, and required a more efficient method of assigning engineers with the necessary qualifications to inspections. Esri Ireland designed and deployed a tailored solution using its ArcGIS software, which is enabling the digitisation of KSN Energy’s survey process and streamlining project procedures for its 51 strong energy team.

Esri’s innovative Survey123 app is being used to support long and complex field surveys on multiple devices and collects accurate data more easily versus paper-based survey forms. The ability to generate custom reports directly from Survey123 saves at least one hour per day for each of the four programmes it handles, amounting to more than 2,000 employee hours saved per year.

L-R Keith Montague, Customer Success Manager, Esri Ireland, with Ian Donnelly, Quality Assurance Auditor, KSN Energy, and Michael Slevin, Director, KSN Energy

Additionally, the new ArcGIS Workforce job management platform will contribute to revenue growth from more effective job scheduling. All work is visible on one cloud-based system which optimises efficiency by implementing priority settings and due dates to better control the completion of jobs and the work streams assigned to each field agent.

Esri also designed bespoke dashboards to improve collaboration and easily track job progress. Internal dashboards provide KSN Energy’s employees with a clear view of ongoing inspections and trends in survey data, while external dashboards provide clients with real-time, interactive updates on the status of inspections and show that service level agreements are being met.

Michael Slevin, Director, KSN Energy: “Utilising ArcGIS across KSN Energy has meant that all staff are now aware of the status of all projects; our team can tailor reports for clients and management, and we have reduced our carbon footprint through a paperless system in the cloud and steam lining our workforce scheduling. The option to generate custom reports directly from Survey123 has been a big time saver; what was formerly a time-consuming operation is now as simple as clicking a button. Because we are better able to manage our resources across all schemes, we anticipate being able to complete more tasks and, as a result, increase our revenues. Esri’s solution makes it easy to spot trends that were always there but are now clearer. ArcGIS is a truly innovative technology that we are thrilled to be implementing across the organisation.”

Keith Montague, Customer Success Manager, Esri Ireland: “KSN Energy needed to streamline its processes in order to manage and track multiple projects more effectively. With ArcGIS, KSN Energy now has the capacity to capture, examine and analyse data in new ways, as well as clearer visibility of recurring quality control concerns. The software is easy to use and is saving significant employee hours on manual data entry, allowing them to focus on their core tasks. The solution is also enabling the organisation to take on more essential sustainability projects and will continue to scale in line with company growth.”

About KSN Energy

KSN Energy is the product of innovative growth and client demand for reliable advice on sustainable issues within the built environment. In 2010, the directors of KSN founded KSN Energy, which focuses on providing bespoke retrofit and sustainability services for the property sector. In this 10 years, KSN Energy has developed its team to provide a one-stop-shop that can assist in the retrofitting and upgrading of properties on a significant scale.

The services provided by KSN Energy include energy auditing and building energy ratings (BERs), scheme management, quality control, energy credit verification, site conformance inspections, product specification development and other energy-related services. All work streams providing these services are fully integrated into ISO 9001 (Quality), 14001 (Environmental), 27001 (IT Security) & 45001 (H&S) QMS. This specialised experience led to KSN Energy working with SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) on the Better Energy Schemes since 2012, and which still continues today.

About Esri Ireland
Esri Ireland specialises in the application of geographic information systems, helping customers record where things happen and analyse why, with the aim of providing insight and helping them to make better decisions. As Esri’s official point of presence in Ireland and Northern Ireland it has, since 2002, partnered with both the public and private sector to help them understand the impact of geography on their business. Recognised as one of the Best Workplaces in Ireland, Esri Ireland is part of the Esri Global Network, a billion-dollar privately held software company with nearly 10,000 employees worldwide.