What We Do

KSN Construction Consultants & KSN Project Management are Irish owned construction consultancy practices providing a full spectrum of services from cost management to sustainability advice across all industry sectors. 

We focus on adding value quickly, applying innovation consistently and building trust implicitly.
Led by our founding partners, our growth and eminent position is the result of continuous development and teamwork throughout our organisation. 

Further complementing our range of expertise, KSN’s Energy Department (KSN Energy) provides additional industry expertise to our pragmatic consultancy services.

KSN Added Value

Value Engineering – Evaluating preliminary budgets based on client designs
Cost control – Alleviating costs through measured construction advice
Negotiation – Negotiating on costs with contractors before project commencement
Tender Analysis – Consolidating documents to be submitted for tender and analysing returned submissions for contractor selection
Measurement of Quantities – Approximate measurement during the development design phase
Cost recommendations – Post-contract for payments
Forecast of cashflow – Comprehensive estimation of cash inflow and outflow throughout duration of project
Contract advice

Project Categories

KSN Construction Consultants work with both public and private clients delivering outstanding projects throughout Ireland.

KSN House
4 Clonskeagh Square
Dublin 14
D14 FH90

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